Build it Right!
The First Time

High Level Plans


All plans will be broken down in sections with all measurements and a list of cuts. If necessesary, a different angle will be reflected so that you can see any hidden parts.

Benefits of building from a plan include:

  • No guessing what comes next
  • Save money with less re-cuts
  • Build it right the first time
  • Build it faster
  • Build it safer
  • Build it with confidence

Newest Plan

Ultimate Small Shop Workbench Plans Collection

Your comprehensive guide to creating a well-equipped and efficient woodworking haven! This meticulously crafted set of woodworking plans empowers you to build a versatile array of workbenches tailored to meet the diverse needs of your small shop.

My plans include a full list of cuts, parts lists, a step by step construction guide, a shopping list and an estimated cost that you can reduce by using less expensive materials. All you have to do is build it!

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The Outcome

This bench was built in just over two weeks. Utilizing woodworking plans ensures superior outcomes in your construction endeavors. Our comprehensive guides offer clear instructions, precise measurements, and a structured path to follow. With plans in hand, your woodworking project gains efficiency, accuracy, and a higher likelihood of achieving the envisioned masterpiece.